6-in-1 Greenote Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Home Car Cleaning, Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Powerful Suction GSC45


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【This Item includes Basic Accessories and User Manual】

Key Features

【6-In-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner】:GSC45 cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with LED floor brush, long crevice tool and pet hair brush, which can be assembled into 6 combinations with telescopic tube and brushless motor, transforming from a stick vacuum cleaner to a handheld vacuum in seconds. The pet hair vacuum cleaner easily cleans dust or pet hair from ceilings, sofas, short-pile carpets, hard floors and crevices.

【Upgrade Motor & Adjustable Suction Power】:Greenote adopts the newly upgraded brushless motor to provide GSC45 with greater suction and long-lasting performance. The GSC45 vacuum cleaner has a freely adjustable dual-level suction system to meet your different cleaning needs and can easily complete large-area or local cleaning. GSC45 vacuum cleaner operates smoothly and quietly, reducing disturbance to family members and pets.

【Large-capacity Battery for Long Runtime】:The stick vacuum cleaner has a built-in 5-cell high-capacity battery that provides 30-45 minutes of run time in standard mode and 12-20 minutes in max mode. The detachable and rechargeable battery pack is easy to replace, and if you needed, you have the option to purchase a spare battery pack for double the runtime and replace the battery when needed without waiting for the battery to charge.

【Lightweight Wall-mounted Vacuum Cleaner】:The motor of a hardwood floor vacuum weighs only 2 pound, you can easily lift the cordless vacuum cleaner to clean high places or take it up and down stairs with just one hand. Wall-mounted or upright storage can effectively save space and make your life more convenient.

【User-friendly Design】:With a 0.8L large-capacity dust bin and a one-click dust release, which will make cleaning easier. GSC45 cordless vacuum cleaner has a flexible LED floor brush, which can easily adjust the angle to clean particles and dust in the dark. The side of the floor brush is also specially designed with a buckle to remove the roller with one click, which is convenient for users with inconvenient knuckles or who love nail art. Choose Greenote, we will be your powerful assistants.

Greenote GSC45 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner-Smart And Convenient Living!

using greenote cordless vacuum cleaner  270° rotation led design using greenote cordless vacuum cleaner  270° rotation led design

Adjustable Length Telescopic Tube

GSC45 telescopic tube can be extended from approximately15.7 inches to 27.6 inches, allowing users to adjust it according to their height. Even children can easily maneuver the vacuum cleaner for cleaning purposes.

Super Lightweight for Single-handed Operation

Ideal for apartment use, this cordless vacuum can clean the entire home with a single charge. GSC45's lightweight design allows for easy carrying, even when navigating stairs.

What can you expect from the GSC45 :)

Q1 Can I leave the battery charged until I need it? Will it be damaged by overcharging?

The battery must be charged by the original adapter ONLY , and it will automatically protect against overcharging after fully charged. Other chargers CANNOT be used in this way to avoid risks.

Q2 Can GSC45 cordless vacuum cleaner be used continuously for 45 minutes?

GSC45 can work for up to 45 minutes at low speed and 20-30 minutes at high speed, the working time also depends on the type of floor.

Q3 What should I do if there is a fault when using the vacuum or if the vacuum does not work?

Scan the manual or the QR code on the GSC45 vacuum cleaner and contact the 1-to-1 after-sales team for an efficient solution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I just vacuumed my car with this and it worked great. I used the metal stick tube attachment in short position along with the small brush attachment & the crevice tool attachment. Both worked great and seem high quality.
Features I like on this Vacuum:
- Removable battery with 3 stage charge level indicator lights.
- Clear cyclone cannister so you can see if you vacuumed up anything of value.
- Quick release door at bottom of cannister to easily empty out the dust & debri.
-Good suction power for vehicle & home.
- Durable quality build with useful attachments & adjustable length.
- Exhuast blows clean air with no visible dust.
Product suggestion: The option to charge the battery with USB C cable would be nice.
Overall this has been a great product so far.


This vacuum will blow your mind with its powerful suction, quick charging that last, and convenient or cleaning in smaller spaces that are hard to reach. This vacuum is sturdy, durable, and yet still lightweight for more being efficient and portable. The design allows for easily handing on the wall with bracket that is included as pictured. Emptying the container of vacuumed contents is also made easily empty and depose of without added messes. Highly recommended is all aspects.


Didn??t have high expectations for this but after initial first use all I can say is wow. I just needed something basic for my hardwood floors, and tiles to use in between my robotic mop/vac cleanings and for quick clean ups. Having 3 kiddos making a mess breakfast lunch and dinner this definitely comes in handy. It has powerful suction, a long lasting rechargeable battery, and multiple tools and attachments to interchange. The vacuum glides with ease across the floors and, effortlessly tackled any dirt in its path.


The vacuum is very good quality. It came fully with the HEPA filters already installed. I attached the battery and plugged it in to charge. After a few hours it was fully charged. I assembled the telescopic tube and the roller brush to the main vacuum engine. I was surprised the roller brush was powered at this price point. I have a large yellow lab that seems to always be shedding. This vacuum worked well on dirt and dog hair and picked up pretty much everything off of the hardwood floor. It didn't work as well on a carpet as it did on a hard surface. It did better on picking up my dogs hair from a medium pile area rug that it did on a very low pile rug. Not sure why that is. Battery life seemed about what it is rated at. If you are looking for a nice light vacuum for hard surface cleaning or a quick clean up this is the vacuum for you.