6 Easy Methods to Get Dog Hair Out of Car

Are you a dog owner who loves taking your furry friend on joyrides or trips in the park? But soon, your joy turns into frustration the moment you see a substantial amount of fur getting woven into your car's upholstery, mats, and seats.

Say no more, we will guide you through a series of methods to get dog hair out of the car and introduce some verified stuff to boost efficiency. These easy, economical, and user-friendly ways will not only help eradicate stubborn dog hair from your car but also transform your vehicle into a space that looks as good as new, even with those daily, joyous doggie trips.


6 Effective Ways to Remove Dog Hair Out of Car


Dog hair can be stubborn, and so are we! Let's dive into these six easy yet effective methods to get rid of dog hair from your vehicle:

1. Using a Vacuum Cleaner


When using a vacuum cleaner, you can use a powerful suction head or accessory to suck dog hair into the vacuum cleaner. Remove loose hair with the powerful GSC50 cordless vacuum cleaner. Then, use the included brush or crevice tool to clean between, under, and upholstery the seats to make sure no nooks and crannies are missed. Make sure the filter of your vacuum cleaner is clean to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner.


2. Use Rubber Gloves


Put on rubber gloves and rub along the seats and carpet with your hands. The rubber material attracts dog hair and can be removed with a gentle wipe.

rubber gloves

3. Use a Wet Wipe


A wet wipe is an effective way to remove dog hair. Gently wipe the seat and carpet surfaces first with a damp cleaning wipe or mitt, then wipe with a damp towel.

4. Sticky Roller or Tape


When using a sticky roller or tape, roll it over the car seat and carpet. Their stickiness will stick the dog hair to them, making cleanup easier.

5. Brushes and Squeegees


Use a brush or squeegee to easily scrape dog hair from car seats and carpets. Make sure to choose a brush suitable for use in the car to avoid scratching the surface.

6. Car Cleaning


Regular car cleaning can help reduce the buildup of dog hair. Spray seats and carpets regularly with a dusting spray or cleaner, then clean with a towel or brush.