Q1: Why does my hoover not turn on after a period of time / Automatically switches off soon after switching on (even when fully charged) ?

 A1: If your hoover suddenly fails to switch on after a period of use / switches off automatically soon after switching on, the following causes may be responsible

①. The battery has not been connected to the motor in the correct way, resulting in an unstable connection. (Refer to our video teaching on Facebook: )

②. Poor contact: Each accessory of the hoover has contacts made of metal at one end so that they can be energised when connected to each other. A violent bump or very frequent use may deform or make poor contact with one of the contacts, causes current blockage.

③. Clogged hoover: Due to long periods of time without cleaning the hoover, the floor brush, aluminium tube or dust box is clogged, resulting in reduced or even no suction power.

④. Damaged battery: the hoover's battery is damaged due to frequent overnight charging, or a violent impact on the battery, or having worked on wet floors or in a wet environment (cause the voltage of one section of the battery does not match the other section), which causes the battery to discharge too much when starting and the overload protection function is activated, thus automatically stopping the work.

So, you can quickly identify which part of your hoover is faulty by using the elimination method.

1. Verify that your battery is connected to the motor in the correct way as shown in the video, and the indicator light flashes properly when charging.

2. Verify that your motor is working properly. (Connect the battery + motor separately as shown in the picture, see if the machine works properly)

3. Make sure that your dust collection cup is working properly. (Connect the battery + motor + dust cup, see if the machine works properly)

4. Make sure that your telescopic tube is working properly. (Connect the battery + motor + dust cup + telescopic tube , see if the machine works properly)

5. Make sure that your floor brush is working properly. (Connect battery + motor + dust cup + brush, see if the machine works properly)

6. Clean your floor brush, telescopic tube, dust cup and filter to avoid clogging and bring the accessories to dry completely before use. (Refer video teaching: )

As the picture to show you the contacts of each part of the hoover where it is connected, you can use the contacts in the picture as a reference to determine if your contacts are deformed.

After you have confirmed which specific accessory is faulty, please contact us again(, we will quickly solve the problem for you.

greenote cordless vacuum cleaner user manual product precautions

Q2:Why my vacuum become low suction or no suction at all?

A2: If the suction power of your hoover has decreased significantly after a period of use, the following causes may be responsible:

①. Clogging of the hoover due to the inside of the machine not being cleaned for a long time.

②. Low battery, resulting in reduced motor power.


Turn vacuum off and remove floor nozzle from wand. Remove soft roller using eject tab on left side of nozzle.

Check where hair tangled :

1. Check your floor brush head

2. Check your brush room

3. Check your brush connections

4. Checking the connection of telescopic tube

greenote cordless vacuum cleaner trouble shooting

Then, Try using a long hook or chopstick to dig out any blockages that have become entangled in the machine, or tap down to guide the blockage out.

At last, clean your floor brush and telescopic tube, empty the dust collection cup, and try again after full charge.

Q3: Why does my hoover's battery life span become very short ?

A3:①. Generally speaking, the battery life of our hoovers is 2 to 3 years, but based on the nature of lithium batteries, similar to most cordless hoovers on the market, the maximum charge of our hoover's battery will receive an impact with the amount of time you use it and how many times you charge it.

This is the same as a mobile phone whose maximum charge gets lower and lower after regular use, so we recommend that you try to avoid charging overnight and keep the charge time to around 4.5~5 hours to ensure that your battery is not overly consumed internally.

In fact, Virtually all cordless hoovers suffer from reduced suction power and shorter duration when the battery is low, just as you get tired and start to slow down when you are running. This also is a feature of lithium ion batteries and unless the hoover is fully charged with every use, the horsepower of the hoover will not be at optimum levels.

②. If your cordless hoover has been working on wet ground or has been subjected to a violent impact, this may damage the battery and thus affect usage time.

But don't worry, we offer a replacement service for all accessories (including batteries). If you feel that current battery is inadequate for your Household chores, or your battery or other accessories are accidentally lost or damaged, please contact us: (

We offer replacement service for all accessories:

(1) Battery (2) Motor (3) Telescopic tube (4) Floor brush (5) Bed brush (6) Crevice brush (7) Dust brush (8) Filter (9) Adapter(10)Dirt Bin

Q4: How often should I clean my Cartridge and Brush Head?

 A4: We recommend that you clean your filter element once a month and replace it once every 4~6 months, and clean your floor brush after 2~3 use time.

Washable Accessories:

dust cup, HEPA filter, crevice tool, floor brush cleaning tool.

Non-Washable Accessories :

motor, battery, telescoping tube, floor brush, 2-in-1 brush.

(just wipe with a damp towel)

How to clean the floor brush:

Take out roller brush, clean them of debris and hair, and wipe the brushroll chamber and the surface of the floor brush with a damp towel.

Video instruction:


①. HEPA Filters and Brush Head that have not been cleaned for a long time may affect the working efficiency of the motor, please take care to clean your hoover to avoid blockages or hair tangles.

②. After you clean your accessories, be sure to wait them dry before using them.

③. Do not use the cordless vacuum cleaner clean wet floor.