What warranty do I get with my Greenote Vacuum?


The warranty is 3 year standard. When you register your warranty with Greenote, you are covered for 5 years (2 years for the battery). You can contact our facebook page and register your warranty here:



How often should I clean my Cartridge and Brush Head?


The motor may be affected during low battery operation, we recommend you fully charge before each use.

HEPA Filters and Brush Head that have not been cleaned for a long time may affect the working efficiency of the motor.

We recommend that you clean your filter element once a month and replace it once every 4-6 months.

And need clean your brush heads after 2-3 cleaning sessions, take out the rollers, clean them of debris and hair, and wipe the brushroll chamber and the surface of the floor brush with a damp towel.

Follow and participate in campaign of our public facebook page (search for Greenote on Facebook) to win a free GSC50 washable HEPA cartridge.


Where can I buy parts and accessories for my Vacuum cleaner?


When your accessory is damaged or you have other problems, please contact our email: service@greenotehome.com

Or you can buy accessories directly here: https://greenotehome.com/collections/vacuum-cleaner-accessories


We offers free replacements for all accessories:


(1) Battery

(2) Motor

(3) Telescopic tube

(4) Floor brush

(5) Bed brush

(6) Crevice brush

(7) Dust brush

(8) Filter

(9) Adapter

(10)Dirt Bin


What are the benefits of the Self- Standing Function?


Greenote GSC50 Stick Vacuum Cleaner Cordless can be placed directly on the floor, and according to your height, adjust the suitable height of the adjustable telescopic handle to have a better cleaning experience.


How long does it take to fully charge the battery? How long can it run after being fully charged?

The battery takes approximately 4.5 hours to fully charge and can run for 35 minutes on a full charge.


​What is the capacity of the dust cup?

 The dust cup has a max. fill line at 0.6L



User Guide


greenote cordless vacuum cleaner user guide