Greenote 10-in-1 Ultra-Quiet Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 33000Pa GSC60 UK

🌀【Super suction power】
The cordless vacuum cleaner has an improved 480W brushless motor, which achieves an unprecedented cyclonic suction power of 33 kPa at up to 180,000 revolutions per minute, which significantly improves operating efficiency. The wireless vacuum cleaner can instantly vacuum away dirt, debris, pet hair and stains, easy to clean hard floors, tiles, carpets and hardwood floors, providing a quiet and efficient cleaning experience that leaves your home looking like new.
🔋【Long running time】
This cordless vacuum cleaner dispenses with the traditional 6-7 cells and expands the battery capacity to 8x2500mAh, effectively solving the problem of lack of battery life. Maximum sustained operating time 45 minutes, making it the ideal first choice for large tasks and whole house cleaning. Fully charged in 3.5 hours. The battery can be removed and replaced at the push of a button.
🏠【10-in-1 multi-accessory】
The cordless vacuum cleaner comes with various practical attachments and can be easily converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner. These include the mite brush for house dust and animal hair, the crevice nozzle and the long straw for dusting blinds and cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling, as well as the extension hose that can be used to get into most furniture and storage compartments in the car. With these attachments you can easily remove dust and dirt from every corner of your home.
💡【Large LED touch screen】
With the ultra-clear LED display, you can check the operating status and remaining power of the cordless vacuum cleaner in real time. The cordless vacuum cleaner can also indicate problems such as clogged floor brushes or clogged suction vents and provides intuitive instructions for maintaining the machine.
🐕【Ultra-lightweight & Anti-Tangle Brush】
The main body of the bagless vacuum cleaner is super light at only 2.3 kg and is perfect for one-handed cleaning. The cordless vacuum cleaner combines a rotating brush with soft and hard bristles and a motorized brush with comb teeth, which ensures better access to the ventilation channels for hair and pet hair and effectively reduces tangles.
💎【Ideal for allergy sufferers and pet owners】
The stick vacuum cleaner has a double vortex structure and the cyclone separation is more effective. 99% of tiny dusts and bacteria as well as dust mites under 0.3μm are removed by the 5-layer filter system, fresh air in your home. The 1.2L large capacity dust container for cleaning the entire house, so you no longer have to worry about cleaning being interrupted.
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What's in the box

Greenote Latest 10 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with 480W Motor and 33kPa Suction Power

Why the Greenote GSC60 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Could be the Test Winner?

Adjustable Telescopic Rod

With the extendable tube, you can adjust it from 27'' to 35'' as you need, practical and space-saving.

Super Quiet Operation

The cordless vacuum cleaner is very quiet (<70 db) and does not disturb roommates, family members or pets in the same room.

Two Charging Modes

You can charge the stick vacuum cleaner directly or simply charge the main motor.

One-Click Cleaning

Optimized dust bin design, just one click of the button under the dust bin to empty the waste and facilitate maintenance.

Notes:Greenote offers 3-year replacement service for all damaged parts. If your vacuum cleaner breaks down unexpectedly, please contact Greenote. We will reply ASAP, determine the cause of the problem and send you replacement parts that will solve your problem.

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